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with over 40 years of experience working with K-12, Higher Education & various Government agencies.



Passion for Education & Technology

Throughout her career, founder and President, Dr. Toni E. Benson Marucco, has been focused on improving education. As early as the 1970's, Toni started utilizing the innovative technologies available at the time to bring her curriculum to life.

As technology evolves, she continues to push the envelope by delivering innovative solutions to schools, colleges, and government agencies. This has included improving the learning environment and curriculum delivery for students, as well as putting systems in place to benefit administration by taking advantage of management tools and best practices.

Breadth of Experience

For over 40 years, Dr. Marucco has been directly involved in education, local government and community services. She began her career as an educator in K-12 where she was awarded "Teacher of the Year" recognition. Ultimately, she was elected by her peers as the first President of the Public Schools Foundation.

With the advent of PC technology in 1982, she was responsible for envisioning and creating the first computer education curriculum for the local school district. In this regard, her efforts were four-fold:

  • lobbied the administration and won support for the program,
  • developed the curriculum,
  • taught students basic computer principles,
  • and trained other educators on the practical use of computer technology in education.

During a break from education, Dr. Marucco followed her interest in technology by taking a position with IBM. In this capacity, she was responsible for marketing technology usage to school district personnel, conducted seminars and gave presentations to teacher on the use of technology in the classroom. After earning her Ph.D. in Higher Education, she moved on to the college-level and ultimately into a position as a tenured professor. While with the college, she developed the first education programs for delivering curriculum to students in an on-line learning environment. Most recently, Dr. Marucco has returned to the University, but into an administrative role.

This wide range of experience from each role allows her a unique perspective when working with organizations. Her years of experience has allowed her to align herself with a cadre of other professionals from whom she draws upon to provide a wide array of services.

Registered Business Enterprise Program (BEP) Vender

Formed in 2009 by Dr. Marucco, E Benson Associates is a registered vendor in the Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP) and a female-owned business enterprise registered with the MAFB Program for the state of Illinois.

The Business Enterprise Program for businesses owned by minorities, women, and persons with disabilities is committed to fostering an inclusive and competitive business environment that will help business enterprises increase their capacity, grow revenue, and enhance credentials.



With 40+ years of experience in education we have the skills to deliver effective and quality training to your employees. Our core services include performing training needs assessments, developing detailed course curriculum, delivering innovative training approaches, and executing training solutions according to plan.

Administrative Management
& Process Review

Major organizational change is often driven by strong management. We provide interim staffing resources that include project management and delivery of services. E. Benson Associates maintains partnerships with other professional service providers in the field of financial management, operations management and staff management. These resources are often provided on an interim basis when vacancies are temporarily created in an organization. Our resource base includes seasoned veterans with proven prior experience in specific functional areas and industries.

Information Systems
Implementation Support

E. Benson Associates has the industry background and consulting experience to assist technical development teams with tasks that include: requirements gathering & analysis, functional designs & usability studies, preparation for testing & training, and post go-live support for end users. Our long standing partnerships with a wide array of education professionals and technical development providers allows E. Benson to bring the right mix of skills to each project for a seamless implementation.

Grant Writing
& Management

Our services include grant writing, financial management of the grant funding and the operational management of the service delivery process. We assist organizations with identifying grant opportunities, researching options for fulfilling the grant objectives, bringing the right resources together to accomplish the necessary work and managing the delivery of the goods and services required by the grant.

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